Различия в уровне внутривидовой генетической изменчивости в таксонах тлей, отличающихся характером эволюционной динамики

М. М. Воробьева, Н. В. Воронова


Aim. Aphids are an interesting model to study the level of the genetic variability since there are species, which differ in the level of host-plant specialization and the peculiarity of a life cycle among them. The mutations observed in COI gene allow defining the interspecific level of the genetic variability in aphids. Methods. The highly conservative COI gene was used to study the level of the genetic variability in aphids. Results. The analysis of nucleotide sequences of COI gene allowed discovering statistically significant differences between generalists with wide spectrum of host plants, generalists with narrow spectrum of host plants and specialists. In addition, the genetic differences were discovered between holocyclic and angolocyclic species of aphids. Conclusions. As a result of the work it was determined that the wide spectrum of host-plants and holocycly are associated with the high level of genetic variability of COI gene in aphids.

Keywords: aphids, genetic variability, COI, life cycle, host-plant specialization.

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