Вплив обробки біологічно активними речовинами на ферментативну активність компонентів антиоксидантної системи рослин озимої пшениці

  • A. B. Gulaevа
  • M. M. Bogdan


Aims. Тhe protection of plants is an integral component of agricultural technologies and may increase crop yields. The article shows the results of a study influence of foliar treatment plant winter wheat biologically active substances – of fungicide amistar extra and a mixture of nutrients on content of antioxidant enzymes. An increase in the content of antioxidant enzymes can be an indicator of increasing wheat plant adaptation and plant resistance of winter wheat. Methods. The plants of winter wheat Favoritka were grown in laboratory and small plot experiment conditions. Experimental variation plants with treatment water solution of fungicide Amistar Extra 280 SC and with mix elements (P + Mg + Cu) and potassium monophosphate (3%). The enzyme activity of peroxidase was calculated by the method Boyarkina and catalase – by titrimetric method and expressed in units per mg wet weight of tissue. The ATPase activity by the growth of inorganic phosphate in the samples derived from the tissues of the roots was studied. Results. It is shown that activity enzyme of catalase in leaf decreased by 37% (by treatment with mixture fungicide and potassium monophosphate), by 26% (by treatment fungicide with mixture elements P + Mg + Cu) or 63% (by treatment of fungicide) in leaf tissues. It was shown, that the peroxidase activity by 0.082 g-1 s-1 increased after the treatment of 3% potassium monophosphate and fungicide in leaf tissues. It has been established, that treatment leaf winter wheat plants Favoritka in the middle vegetation treatment with the fungicide amistar extra 280 SC and mixture amistar extra 280 SC with mixture elements P + Mg + Cu contributed to increase enzyme activity ATPase in root tissues. Conclusions. It is shown, that treatment of plant winter wheat Favoritka fungicide of amistar extra 280 SC or mixture of amistar extra 280 SC with nutrients changes the of activity the individual enzymes of antioxidant systems: catalase and perocsidase, which may be an indication enhance the sustainability of winter wheat plants to adverse environmental factors.

Key words: winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), fungicide, fertilizer.