Д.К. Заболотний: життя і науково-педагогічна діяльність (до 150-річчя від дня народження)

  • І. Б. Чень
  • Г. Б. Гуменюк


The life, scientific and pedagogical activity of the famous Ukrainian microbiologist and epidemiologist, D.K. Zabolotny, have been described in this article. The world-famous doctor has dedicated his life to the fight against the epidemics of dangerous diseases, such as plague, cholera, diphtheria, typhus and others. On the scientific base, he has founded and developed the new medical study – epidemiology; based on this research rational prevention system and campaign against infectious deceases were made. He has made significant contribution in the investigation of diseases, such as plague, cholera, syphilis and typhus. Also, he learned the actual problem of gas gangrene, diphtheria, typhoid and thymus, dysentery, malaria and influenza. His effort into the science and ascetic live for saving mankind from epidemics were immense. 

Keywords: D.K. Zabolotny, epidemiology, plague, cholera, syphilis.