Фрагменти мобільних генетичних елементів як складові потенційних альтернативних промоторів гена MGMT людини

  • О. В. Підпала
  • Л. Л. Лукаш


Aim. It has been carried out analysis of the MGEs in the alternative promoters of human MGMT gene for the sequences homologous to different regulatory elements and binding sites of the transcription factors. Methods. Searching and identifying these MGEs have been realized by using CENSOR. The functional sites have been defined by the programs SITECON, SiteGA, BLASTN 2.2.26, Cister: Cis-element Cluster Finder, WWW Signal Scan and Tfsitescan. Results. It has been found that two sequences (cAug10 and iAug10) are overlapping with the known referenced promoter (GeneBank X61657). The different sequences (aAug10 і fAug10) are located within intron 2. They compose fragments of the MGEs which are enriched by various regulatory elements and binding sites of the transcription factors. Conclusions. The obtained results allow considering the MGEs identified in potential alternative promoters of MGMT gene as carriers for the potential regulatory sequences which might affect the regulation of transcriptional activity of this gene.

Keywords: human О6-methylguanin-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) gene, alternative promoters, mobile genetic elements (MGEs), regulatory elements.