Expression of interferon-sensitive genes in coculture of mouse melanoma and fetal fibroblast cells

  • O. V. Anopriyenko
  • I. N. Vagina
  • O. A. Zakharuk
  • L. M. Morozova
  • L. I. Strokovska


Aims. On the model of triple system «potential vector cells C57Fb/ IFN-β/ melanoma MM4 cells» we aimed to trace changes in expression of interferon-sensitive genes, and genes which expression may depend on stromal part of tumors and might play roles in enhanсing of metastatic potential of tumorous cells. Methods. Mono cell cultures and cocultures of C57Fb fibroblasts and MM4 melanoma cells were used to investigate gene expression changes by PR-PCR. Results. On the set of 7 genes in the system «potential vector cells C57Fb/IFN-β/melanoma MM4 cells» we observe pattern of complicated changes in expression of genes, which activity is assigned towards the inhibition of motile and invasive properties of tumorous cells, and in the opposite direction. These changes may be mediated as by the vector fibroblasts or own tumor activated fibroblasts and by the action of interferon. Conclusions. We speculate the promise of finding factors enchancing the therapeutic effect of interferon directed toward stromal components of tumors.

Key words: cancer therapy, cancer-associated fibroblasts; melanoma, interferon, baculovirus.