Анализ связи фрагментации ДНК и анеуплоидий спермы с параметрами ранних эмбрионов

  • Е. С. Жилкова
  • Н. А. Чумакова
  • А. А. Тищенко
  • А. М. Феськов
  • А. М. Федота


Aim. The dependence of the process of blastocyst formation in IVF practice on the level of sperm DNA fragmentation and sperm aneuploidies in men with low reproductive function was studied. Methods. The level of the sperm DNA fragmentation was measured by the method of sperm chromatin dispersion. Semen aneuploidies were detected by the method of fluorescence in situ hybridization. Results. The significant negative correlation between DNA fragmentation level and formation of the high quality blastocyst is proved. There is a negative correlation between the level sperm aneuploidies and number and quality of formatted blastocysts. Conclusions. The failures of sperm DNA compactization influence the early embryo development. There is a dependence of blastocyst formation rates on the level of sperm aneuploidy.

Keywords: DNA fragmentation, sperm aneuploidy, blastocyst formation rates.