Index «location indexes» for local populations district level (for example, the Odessa region)

  • М. Ю. Горпинченко
  • Л. О. Атраментова


Aim. For example, the Odessa region to get the genetic characteristics of the local populations of the lower hierarchical level (at the district level), than those who have been investigated by us earlier (regional and all-Ukrainian level). Methods. Surnames in a nationwide Ukrainian list arranged in descending order of frequency and they are assigned in rank. For each region average Location Index is calculated and compared with the all population of Odessa region. Results. Lists the surnames of 26 of inhabitants were drawn districts and it calculated the average "location indexes". By districts "location indexes" varies from I20 = 161 (Comintern District) to I20 = 10883.5 (Velikomihaylivsky district). Conclusions. When analyzing populations of lower hierarchical level, enhanced the ability of differentiating surnames like quasigenetic markers. Use surnames revealed several factors causing the differentiating gene pools of local populations: a variety of surnames, migration, "founder effect" as a particular manifestation of genetic drift, a mismatch of administrative boundaries, areas of ethnic groups live.

Keywords: quasigenetic markers, population, surnames, location indexes of surnames.