Chromosomal abnormalities in scots pine from extreme edaphic conditions

  • T. S. Sedel’nikova
  • A. V. Pimenov
  • T. T. Efremova


Aims. The investigation of occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees growing in extreme edaphic conditions of dry step and bog ecotopes was carried out. Methods. The frequency and the spectrum of chromosomal abnormalities in metaphase and ana-telophase cells of Scots pine were determined. Results. The results obtained were: the seed progeny of trees growing in extreme edaphic conditions (low moisture, low soil fertility, high humidity) are characterized by high level of chromosomal mutations. Conclusions. The data concerning chromosomal abnormalities in seed progeny of Scots pine growing in dry step and bog ecotopes extend and expand available information about cytogenetic mechanisms of adaptation of species to extreme edaphic conditions. These data can be used in silvicultural practices, and when developing breeding and meliorative measures.

Key words: Pinus sylvestris, extreme edaphic conditions, chromosomal abnormalities.