The molecular-genetic identification and cytology peculiarities of varieties of winter wheat with wheat-rye translocation

  • Б. В. Моргун
  • Т. В. Чугункова
  • І. І. Лялько
  • Л. Г. Великожон
  • А. І. Степаненко


Aims. To reveale the presence of wheat-rye translocations in the genome of varieties of soft winter whea by PCR-analysis using primers to locus Xrems 1303 and ω-secalin located in the short arm of chromosome 1R of rye and cytological methods. Methods. DNA analysis by polymerase chain reaction and electrophoretic determination of amplification products. The methods of meios analysis. Results. Varieties of soft winter wheat with wheat-rye translocation were discovered. Conclusions. Specific primers to locus located in chromosome arm 1RS of rye can be used to analyze the presence in wheat wheat-rye translocation. The presence of wheat-rye translocation are confirmed by cytological analysis.

Key words: Triticum aestivum L., DNA markers, PCR-analysis, multiplex-PCR, rye-wheat translocation, cytological methods.