Description of commercial cultivars of winter bread wheat with wheat-rye translocations on the elements of the productivity

  • В. А. Власенко
  • О. М. Бакуменко
  • О. М. Осьмачко


Aims. In commercial cultivars of bread winter wheat – carrier of wheat-rye translocation – to conduct a structural analysis of the productivity elements. Methods. Studies were conducted using field, laboratory and mathematical-statistical methods. Phenological observation, calculation and evaluation of harvesting was performed according to generally accepted methods. Results. Cultivars – carrier of wheat-rye translocations – are high yielding potential and not inferior to the elements of the productivity standard. Cultivars Smuglyanka, Zolotokolosa, Myronivs’ka 65 Kalynovaya and Kryzhynka distinguished by the number and weight of grains in the ear. Yield grades depended on the group of the maturity. Zolotokolosa, Remeslivna and Myronivska 65 had higher yields compared to the standard. Conclusion. Cultivars with the best indicators of productivity elements are recommended for breeding.

Key words: Winter wheat, yielding capacity, cultivars, wheat-rye translocations.