Ways of neutralization of drug danger of wild hemp

  • В. Г. Вировец
  • И. М. Лайко
  • Л. М. Горшкова


Aims. Among narcotic influence lovers many drug users give preference to hemp, in their opinion as the least to the dangerous drug. Methods. The increase of cases of industrial hemp use as a narcotic mean, sowing of which in Ukraine were the most considerable, compelled to apply a successful scientific selection on creation drug-free varieties, as a method of fight against a social evil. Results. As a result of long-time researches and long-term plant-breeding work first in the world drug-free highly productive varieties with minimum and complete absence of cannabinoids compounds were created. Conclusions. The presence of these varieties givens possibility to make first advances on a way to neutralization of danger, outgoing from spontaneous natural reservations. The repeated dispersion of seed of drag-free varieties, taking into account the capacity of hemp for crosspollination, will result in the stage-by-stage decline of narcotic activity of wild hemp.

Key words: industrial drug-free hemp, wild hemp, free crosspollination, cannabinoids.