Вплив мікроелементів на активність гербіциду аксіал у посівах озимої пшениці

  • L. M. Mykhalska
  • M. E. Ryazanova
  • V. V. Schwartau


Aims. The traditional approach in agricultural industry is microfertilizers application together with pesticides. However, interaction between nutrients and herbicides results in reduce of weeds control. For this purpose influence of Сu, Zn and Mn fertilizers on herbicide Axial phytotoxicity and yield of winter wheat were investigated. Methods. Herbicide activity was determined by the number and dry weight of weeds plants. Yield response was determined by the of grain weight per hectare. Results. It was found that combined application of microfertilizers with herbicide Axial reduces his phytotoxicity and increases winter wheat yield response. Conclusions. These effects can be related with Cu, Zn and Mn homeostasis and herbicide interaction with microelements in plants.

Key words: microfertilizers, Axial, phytotoxicity, yield response, winter wheat.