Cellular extrusion of DNA by mammalian leukocytes

  • Л. И. Лихачева
  • С. П. Шпилевая
  • Т. А. Рубан
  • Т. П. Гулько
  • В. А. Кордюм


Aims. The study of cellular extrusion of DNA of mammalian leukocytes. Methods. Leukocytes were isolated from human blood and mice in the capillaries by centrifugation. Human leukocytes and part white blood cells of mice placed onto a slide and fixed. Another portion was applied to mice leukocytes embryonic fibroblasts, after 1.5–2 hour exposure preparations were fixed. The resulting specimens were stained with fluorescent dyes Hoechst 33342 DNA. or Syber-Green and analyzed by standard fluorescence microscopy. Results. Microscopy results showed that the emissions of DNA from leucocytes into the extracellular space as observed in their monoculture or in the presence of fibroblasts, while the extracellular DNA the nuclei of leukocytes is contacted with the fibroblasts. Conclusion. These results demonstrate that mammalian leukocytes may release DNA into the extracellular space as in monoculture and in co-culture with tissue culture cells. It is suggested that the phenomenon described here can serve as described here can serve as.

Key words: cellular extrusion of DNA, extracellular space.