Culture media influence on the induction of new formation creation in in vitro durum wheat anther culture

  • І. С. Замбріборщ
  • Г. О. Доброва
  • О. Л. Шестопал
  • А. І. Паламарчук


Aims. Durum wheat is the important wide spread agricultural crop. Double haploid obtaining is a biotechnological method in durum wheat breeding. The aims of this work were investigation of culture media influence on the process of induction in durum wheat anther culture and formation of the optimal for Odessa region durum wheat varieties and hybrids induction cultural media. Methods. We used the standard protocol of an anther culture method and modified the media composition. Results. We used 190-2, C-17, M42 and BAD-1 basic media and modified the vitamins, amino and organic acids media composition. Standard media cannot be used as induction media for Odessa region durum wheat genotypes since the level of induction on that media was low. Embryo formation frequency on modified media was higher. Conclusions. New induction culture media were developed. The induction media composition impacted on the embryo formation frequency.

Key words: durum wheat, anther culture in vitro.