Peculiarities of stomata morphology in bread wheat

Keywords: stomata, Triticum aestivum, stomatal density, guard cells, morphology


Aim. The aim was to find and characterize different breeding lines and varieties of bread wheat according to morphological features of the stomatal apparatus for further study of the genetic patterns of stomatal biogenesis. Methods. The stomatal apparatus was evaluated by the method of impressions from the middle of the adaxial and abaxial sides of the flag leaf. Films with prints were studied with a light microscope under 100–200 total magnification. The length and width of the guard cell, stomatal pore, and number of stomata were measured, and statistical data processing was carried out. Results. An evaluation of stomata morphology was made for three varieties of bread wheat, which are characteristic of Ukraine, and three breeding lines originating from the Northern America, which differ in morphological features. The breeding line «Short-awn» had the different number of stomata on the adaxial side of the leaf, the «Dwarf» showed the increase in the total area of stomata per area unit of leaf on the adaxial side and the «Spiky, short-stem» line had a lower value of this parameter on the abaxial side and at the same time tended to decrease the total area of stomata on the abaxial side of the leaf. Conclusions. It was succeeded to find morphologically distinct lines according to the features of the stomata. The lines are valuable starting material for successive molecular genetic research of the biogenesis of wheat stomata.


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