Karyological and cytogenetic features of conifers in arboretums and parklands

  • T. S. Sedel'nikova
  • A. V. Pimenov
  • E. N. Muratova


Aim. The study of karyological and cytogenetic features of conifers growing under conditions of introduction and increased recreational pressure, to identify biodiversity and solve the problems of population and environmental genetics of representatives of this group of plants. Methods. Classical chromosome research methods with staining with acetohematoxylin were used. Results. In species, forms, and cultivars of conifers from the Pinaceae and Cupressaceae families growing in arboretums and parklands, as well as being components of green spaces in settlements of different geographical regions, variability of chromosome numbers (mixoploidy), the appearance of B chromosomes, high occurrence, and a wide range of chromosomal and meiotic anomalies are discovered. Conclusions. Karyological and cytogenetic studies have shown the presence of karyotypic polymorphism and an increase in the number of various disorders of mitosis and meiosis in conifers when introduced under growing conditions in recreational areas.

Keywords: conifers, introduction, chromosome number, chromosomal rearrangements, meiosis disorders.


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