Prospects for the creation of the original material for the selection of yellow seed varieties oil crops of the Brassicaceae family

  • S. G. Hablak
  • Y. A. Abdullaeva
  • L. O. Ryabovol
  • Y. S. Ryabovol


Aim. Study of the genetic resources of Arabidopsis for the purpose of detecting mutations with selection-valuable alleles of interest for transgenesis in cultivated oil plants of the genus. Brassicaceae by genetic engineering and biotechnology. Methods. Empirical research (observation, comparison), theoretical research (abstraction, analysis and synthesis). Results. A study of genetic collections of Arabidopsis resources (NASC and ABRC) showed that there are mutations in international collection centers (tt1-1; tt2-1; tt3-1; tt4-1; tt5-1; tt8-1 and ttg-1) with breeding-valuable alleles suitable for transgenesis of alleles in cultivated oilseeds of the genus. Brassicaceae in order to create a source material with a yellow seed color. Conclusions. The study of the potential of the largest international Arabidopsis collection centers of NASC, ABRC and SASSC on basic biological and breeding grounds allows us to identify economically valuable alleles for the implementation of breeding programs in different directions.

Keywords: Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., Brassicaceae, seeds, yellow color.


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