Genetic diversity of ukrainian wheat landraces Triticum aestivum L. at gliadin-coding loci

  • T. O. Sobko
  • G. M. Lisova
  • L. V. Sirant


Aim. The aim of the study was to investigate genetic variability of gliadin-coding loci Gli-A1, Gli-B1, Gli-D1 in Ukrainian winter common wheat landraces and obsolete varieties. Methods. APAG electrophoresis of gliadin was used to identify genotypes at Gli-1 loci. Results. Diversity at the Gli-1 loci of 41 winter common wheat landraces, including local varieties Krymka, Banatka, Girka, Theyka, and 13 obsolete winter common wheat varieties, were studied. A total 31 gliadin alleles (including new 7 alleles) were revealed. There are 11 alleles at the Gli-A1 loci, 14 - at the Gli-B1, 6 -at the Gli-D1. Differences in frequencies of gliadin alleles were established. Conclusions. The high level of allelic variation at the Gli-1 loci was observed in Ukrainian winter common wheat landraces. Predominant alleles were revealed: Gli-A1m (46,8 %), Gli-A1d (21 %), Gli-B1b (47,1 %), Gli-D1g (45,8 %), Gli-D1a (33,3 %), Gli-D1j (13,9 %). In genotype of modern Ukrainian winter common wheat are present only 3 of them - Gli-B1b, Gli-D1g, Gli-D1j, which positively relate to dough quality.

Keywords: Triticum aestivum L., winter wheat, landraces, gliadin , alleles , polymorphism


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