Assessment of winter bread wheat samples for yield and ecological plasticity

  • Ye. V. Zaika


Aim. The aim of our work was to evaluate winter wheat samples on yielding and environmental plasticity for further use as a initial material to create a variety adapted to the Forest-steppe conditions. Methods. Working collection of 30 varieties of Ukrainian and foreign breeding on yield and economically valuable features was characterized in the field condition of Forest-Steppe. Regression analysis was used to determine the coefficient of ecological stability and plasticity. Results. The results of the study of breeding samples indicate the difference in yielding of the genotypes. Varieties that characterized by high environmental plasticity and yield and significantly outperformed the standard variety Podolyanka were Akteur (235 g/m2), Voloshkova (222 g/m2), Smuhlianka (241 g/m2), Lisova Pisnia (283 g/m2), Sarlota (215 g/m2), Perlyna Lisostepu (266 g/m2), Polisska-90 (237 g/m2), Stolychna (290 g/m2). Conclusions. The results obtained indicate that the tested varieties have high potential productivity and respond positively to the improvement of growing conditions, so they can be used as parent components in the creation of high-intensity varieties for Polissia and Forest-steppe.

Keywords: winter bread wheat, plasticity, stability, adaptability.


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