Difference in sequences of the Streptomyces globisporus 1912 and 2 its mutants

  • L. V. Polishchuk


Aim. The wild-type strain Streptomyces globisporus 1912 was isolated in 1967 from a sample of farmland (Armenia). Two mutants with different phenotypic characteristics were obtained (1912-2 and 1912-4Crt). The nucleotide sequences of 19 genes of the original strain and up to 90% of the genome sequence of its 2 mutants were determined. The aim of the study was to identify differences in the identified sequences of genomic DNA contigs of 2 mutants and individual genes of the original strain. Methods. BLASTN programs were used when comparing the DNA sequences. Results. BLAST analyzes of the sequences of 2 mutants S. globisporus (1912-2 and 1912-4Crt) revealed that they were identical (99.99%). Query cover of homologous sequences of mutants 1912-4Crt and 1912-4Crt was 95%. It was found that a number of mutant contigs (both 1912-2 and 1912-4Crt) were unique - their sequences were completely dissimilar to the sequences contigs of another variant. Conclusions. The determined sequences of genomes of 3 cultures will be useful in the construction of the genetic map of S. globisporus 1912. In addition, the comparative analysis of sequences of mutants can reveal the genetic basis of phenotypic changes.

Keywords: BLAST analysis, sequences, genome, cluster, gene, identity, overlap.


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