Estimation of NAM-A1 haplotypes effect on the level of quantitative traits and grain protein content in wheat

  • O. A. Orlovskaya
  • S. I. Vakula
  • L. V. Khotyleva
  • A. V. Kilchevsky


Aim. NAM-A1 gene plays an important role in the regulation of metabolic processes, the remobilization of nutrients from the wheat vegetative organs to grain. The aim of this work is the genotyping of SNP polymorphisms of the NAM-A1 gene in introgression lines derived from the cross of bread wheat varieties with species of genus Triticum, as well as estimation of NAM-A1 haplotypes effect on quantitative traits and grain protein content of the studied genotypes. Methods. NAM-A1 gene polymorphisms were identified using the TaqMan - Real-time PCR. Statistical data analysis was carried out using MS Excel 2007, Statistica 10.0. Results. NAM-A1c haplotype is mainly found in the studied genus Triticum species, NAM-A1d - in bread wheat varieties, and mixed haplotypes - in the introgression wheat lines. Statistically significant associations among NAM-A1 gene haplotypes and productive tillering of plants, the length of the main spike, the number of spikelets in the main spike and the thousand kernel weight were revealed. Conclusions. A significant effect of the NAM-A1 haplotypes was established for the traits «productive tillering» and «thousand kernel weight». The highest thousand kernel weight was reached in plants carrying the haplotype NAM-A1d.

Keywords: T. aestivum L., species of genus Triticum, NAM-A1, SNP, quantitative characters.


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