Evaluation of genetic diversity of honey bee in Ukraine analyzed by the SSR-markers

  • D. I. Hryhorchuk
  • A. M. Rabokon
  • A. S. Postovoitovа
  • N. M. Pirko
  • Ya. V. Pirko
  • Ya. B. Blume


Aim. The aim of the work was to analyze current genetic structure of honey bee populations in Ukraine that belong to different subspecies: A. meliffera meliffera, A. meliffera carnica, A. meliffera macedonica using microsatellite markers. Methods. SSR-analysis was used for evaluation of the honey bee polymorphism. Amplified fragments were fractionated by electrophoresis in non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel. DNA bands were detected using silver nitrate staining. Results. The analysis of the sample of honey bees (workers and male-bees) collected from different regions of Ukraine was performed by using two SSR-markers (Ac011 and A007). In this sample reasonably high polymorphism was observed, especially for the SSR-marker A007. Conclusions. It was estimated that SSR-analysis method can be applied in molecular-genetic analysis of honey bees for evaluation of genetic diversity and cross-subspecies hybridization.

Keywords: microsatellite markers, Apis meliffera, PIC (Рolymorphism Іnformation Сontent).


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