Явление «химический мутагенез» И.А. Рапопорта – крупнейшее открытие ХХ века

  • N. S. Aiges
  • G. A. Volchenko
  • S. G. Volchenko


Aims. It is to show the discovery of the method chemical mutagenesis by I.A. Rapoport. Methods. Method of I.A. Rapoport: the discovery of the key to found chemical mutagenes and modificators. Results. By I.A. Rapoport it was found about 300 supermutagens and many modificators which were utilizated in various regions of biology and agriculture. Conclusions. I.A. Rapoport’s phenomenon and method of chemical mutagenesis is the largest outstanding discovery of XX century.

Key words: Iosiph Abramovich Rapoport, phenomenon and method of chemical mutagenesis, modificators.