Polymorphism upstream the coding region of the Ppd-D1 gene in Aegilops tauschii Coss.

  • G. O. Chebotar
  • V. E. Sechnyak
  • T. Yu. Yurganova
  • S. V. Chebotar


Aim. Evaluate time of heading and flowering in Aegilops tauschii Coss. accessions, donor of  the bread wheat D genome, that are differentiated by polymorphism at upstream the coding region of the Ppd-D1 gene. Methods. NA extraction, allele-specific PCR, electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel, two-factor analysis of variance. Results. We have found polymorphism upstream the coding region of Ppd-D1 gene with the help of the allele-specific PCR with primers to the Ppd-D1b allele in the accessions from the collection of Ae. tauschii Fragment 414 bp was detected in the samples: k-78, k-396, k-529, k-531, k-1144, k-1162, k-1235, k-1273, k-1283, fragment 429 bp have been revealed in the samples  k-187, k-968, k-2178, and 453 bp – in the samples k-80, k-2358, Tetra tauschii. The results of a three-year field experiment showed a significant effect of the detected polymorphisms on the time of heading and flowering. Conclusions. Among the Ae. tauschii accessions by allele-specific PCR with primers to the Ppd-D1b allele have been tested amplification fragments 414 bp, 429 bp and 453 bp. Allele Ppd-D1a was not found in the collection of Ae. tauschii accessions. Samples of aegilops that are carrier of insertions 24 + 15 bp (for which the fragment 453 bp was detected by allele-specific PCR) – were characterized by earlier heading and flowering time in certain years.

Keywords: time of heading and flowering, Ppd-D1 gene, Aegilops tauschiі Coss.


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