DNA markers of AHAS1 gene for screening and identification of sunflower genotypes of hybrid origin

  • A. Ye. Solodenko


Aim. A molecular genetic study of sunflower F1 and F2 hybrids on a microsatellite markers of mutant AHAS1 gene associated with herbicide resistance was performed. The aim of the work was to screen of F1 and F2 sunflower hybrid populations with usage of DNA markers and identification of homozygous segregants containing of the gene for resistance to SU herbicides. Methods. It was used PCR amplification to detect alleles of microsatellite locus located within the mutant AHAS1 gene. Results. The possibility of identification of hybrid plants with different alleles of the AHAS1 gene was shown. The efficiency of the allele of 191 b. p. in the homo- and heterozygous state for marker selection of genotypes resistant to the herbicide of the sulfonylurea group was confirmed. 10 homozygous F2 plants of SURES-2 x OS 1019B and 18 homozygous F2 plants of SURES-2 x OS 1029B, which according to the genotype correspond to the donor line of the mutant AHAS1 gene, were obtained. Conclusions. F2 plants that are carriers of this gene in the homozygous state can be used as an initial material in breeding for the purpose of creating new inbred lines with genetically determined resistance to SU herbicides.

Keywords: DNA markers, AHAS1 gene, sunflower, herbicides, resistance.


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