Вивчення гаплопродукційної здатності м’якої пшениці з пшенично-житніми транслокаціями

  • O. L. Shestopal
  • I. S. Zambriborshch
  • N. N. Topal
  • N. A. Lytvinenko
  • S. O. Ignatova


Aims. Testing haploprodution ability of soft winter wheat and obtaining their lines by in vitro anther culture. Methods. Obtaining of wheat double haploid lines by anther culture in vitro. The statistical methods. Results. The 333 pcs. green plant-regenerants were obtained by anther culture from 27 F1 hybrid populations and 9 varieties of winter wheat which were granted the Department of selection and seed wheat of Plant Breeding & Genetics Institute. Conclusions. In these experimental conditions, sensitivity to androgentsis in 33 among 36 wheat genotypes have been detected. The lower figures of haploid production of wheat hybrids than these figures in parental varieties that are potential "donors haploid production" was obtained. This fact confirms the need for obligatory testing properties "donor" in certain combinations of crosses.

Key words: soft wheat with wheat-rye translocation, anther culture in vitro, double haploid, hybrids.