Cell population genetics: emergence, main results and concepts (to the 50th anniversary of the foundation)

  • V. A. Kunakh Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 03143, Kyiv, Akad. Zabolotnogo str., 150


The article briefly reviews the emergence and development in Ukraine of a new scientific field — cell population genetics, which formed the theoretical basis of modern cell technologies. These include, in particular, plant biotechnologies for the improvement, preservation, and accelerated reproduction of unique genotypes in vitro; development of new genotypes (organisms) by the methods of cell and genetic engineering and cellular selection; obtaining biologically active compounds, including recombinant, from biomass of cultured cells and tissues for the needs of medicine, cosmetics and food industry; as well as the methods of cell therapy, including technologies based on the use of stem cells, etc. Cultured cells are widely used as model objects and biological systems for studying the most relevant problems of modern biology: the features of the course, signaling pathways, and mechanisms of cell proliferation, including carcinogenesis and tumor proliferation; dedifferentiation of cells, including their reversion to a pluripotent state; totipotency, pluripotency and omnipotency; regeneration of tissues, separate organs, and whole organisms, etc. The article reviews scientific prerequisites for the development of the new scientific field and presents the main concepts of cell population genetics, which have been mainly developed in the Department of cell population genetics of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It also presents an analysis of the features of development of the newest research areas of genetics of somatic cells of intact plants and cells in vitro, cell population genetics, genetic foundations of cell selection, cell biology, and biotechnology during the second half of the past and the beginning of this century.
Keywords: history of science, cell population genetics, plant tissue and cell culture, cell selection, plant biotechnology.


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