Studies of food production and raw materials’ content relatively to genetically modified ingredients

  • N. B. Novak SE «Ukrmetrteststandart» Ukraine, 03680, Kyiv, Metrologichna str., 4
  • R. V. Oblap National Agricultural University of Bila Cerkva Ukraine, 09117, Bila Cerkva city, Soborna square, 8/1


Aim. Aim is to investigate presence of genetically modified (GM) ingredients of plant origin in food products and agricultural raw material presented on the domestic market of Ukraine. Methods. Defining of genetically engineered constructs was performed using PCR in real time (Real-Time PCR). Results. Due to the fact that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are ambiguously perceived by contemporary society, their use in foods is strictly controlled. Six-year results of the tests of food products and raw materials for GM of plant origin is presented. Conclusions. It is shown that with increasing awareness of consumers and producers of food products, and strengthening of state control over the use of GMOs their content in food products is reduced.

Keywords: GMO, Real-Time PCR, food products and agricultural raw materials, monitoring.