Physiology -biochemical and genetically characteristics of perspective insect pathogen strains Bacillus thuringiensis

  • A. L. Parkhomenko
  • N. V. Punina
  • V. S. Zotov
  • T. Yu. Parkhomenko


Aims. The estimate of efficiency of new natural strains of B. thuringiensis, definite its physiology-biochemical characteristics and identification of new strains. Methods. In our work we using the collection, typical and new strains of B. thuringiensis. We using microbiological and molecular-biological methods (Rep-PCR: ERIC- PCR, BOX-PCR and new methods – saAFLP. Results. The strains of Bt 0376p.o. and 0408 have the high insecticide activity to larvae of colorado beetle. The death of larvae on 10 day of carrying out of experiments was 100%. In accordance with physiology-biochemical reactions the strain of Bt 0376р.о. was grouped to I serotype, the strain of Bt 0408 – to X serotype. But by saAFLP and other methods (Rep-PCR, ERIC-PCR, BOX-PCR the both one were grouped with the type strains Bt subsp. thuringiensis B-1223. Conclusions. It was estimate of strains efficiency of B. thuringiensis 0376р.о. and 0408 against to larvae of potato beetle – 100 %. It was shown that the both investigated strains belong to I serotype by saAFLP method.

Key words: B. thuringiensis, efficiency, single adaptor AFLP.