Пол потомков как фактор пластичности фенотипов агрессивности родителей

  • М. В. Шустикова


Aim. The variability of human aggression depend on many environment factors, some of them are in the family. The offspring gender-specific traits are one of potential factors of the parents` phenotypic plasticity. Мethods. The members of 93 two same-sex offspring nuclear families have been studied by Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory in Kharkіv. Results. The level of physical and indirect aggression of sons fathers, physical aggression of sons mothers are higher than in daughters parents and Ukrainian citizens. We also have defined the positive correlation between levels of physical aggression in sons parents. Conclusions. The influence of a gender-specific behavior of male sibling on the phenotypic plasticity of aggression in parents is defined.

Keywords: aggression, phenotypic plasticity, nuclear families.