Эпистатическое взаимодействие генов GPA1 и SLR1, CTR1 и ALF3 при наследовании признаков корневой системы арабидопсиса

  • С. Г. Хаблак


Aim. The aim of research is the study of inheritance the root system of A. thaliana in the interaction the genes GPA1 and SLR1, CTR1 and ALF3. Methods. Сomparative morphology – to compare the similarities and differences in the structure of the root systems plants, hybridlogical analysis crossing mutant lines and genetic analysis of inheritance of characteristics of the root system. Results. In crosses between plants of the mutant lines gpa 1-3 x slr-1 and ctr1-1 x alf3-1 in the F2 generation recessive epistasis occurs (slr-1 slr-1> GPA1 _; alf3-1 alf3-1> CTR1_). In this case, the segregation in F2 is 9: 3: 4. Conclusions. The results of the analysis of crosses between plants of Arabidopsis mutant lines (ctr1-1 x alf3-1, gpa1-3 x slr-1) showed that the inheritance of characteristics the root system in the interaction of genes GPA1 and SLR1, CTR1 and ALF3 occurs by the recessive epistasis action of genes. The segregation for the phenotype in generation the F2 fits a ratio of 9: 3: 4.

Keywords: Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., root system, gene, mutation, gene interactions.