Створення генетичних джерел селекційно-цінних ліній запилювачів на основі діалельних гібридів цукрових буряків

  • М. О. Корнєєва
  • О. В. Ненька


Aim. The first step towards the creation of donors is to identify and create sources of genetic selection of features. The aim of the research was to determine genetic value of multigerm pollinators of sugar beet and create genetic sources of high yield and sugar content signs. Methods. Selection of genetic sources of productivity was carried amongst interline hybrids derived from diallel crosses (n2 combinations). Results. The article presents results on the selection of sources of high productivity among interline hybrids of sugar beet, which components were evaluated by diallel scheme. It discusses the genetic determination of agronomic traits taking into consideration additive gene actions in female component as well as significant effect of inadditive interactions between components of hybridization. Revealed is the positive effect of cytoplasm in phenotypic yield manifestations, on sugar content and sugar yield in direct hybrids in reciprocal crosses. Conclusions. Based on the obtained results, samples BZ 1/BZ 2 and BZ 1/BZ 4 combining both high yield and sugar content among diallel hybrids were selected, which can serve as sources of genes of high productivity. Female component of the hybrid combinations (line BZ 1) was notable for high general combining ability for yield, and lines BZ 2 and BZ 4 for sugar content and sugar yield, respectively.

Keywords: sugar beet; pollinators; combination ability; heterosis; diallel hybrids.