Генетическая чистота семян – актуальный вопрос современной генетики и селекции растений

  • Г. Е. Акинина
  • Ю. Н. Тереняк
  • Я. Ю. Шарыпина
  • В. Н. Попов


Aim. The genetic purity of hybrids of sunflower seeds according to the standard ISO / TR 17622: 2015 and correlation of the obtained data with plant uniformity in the field were studied. Methods. The genetic purity of sunflower hybrid samples using SSR-markers according to ISO/ TR 17622:2015 was evaluated. Morphological traits during vegetation period in the field were registered. Statistical analysis of the obtained data was used. Results. Sixteen pairs of SSR-primers were allowed to analyze the genetic purity of 9 samples of sunflower hybrids. The laboratory data was highly positive correlated with plants uniformity in the field. Conclusions. Based on the obtained results it is necessary to approve ISO/TR17622:2015 in Ukraine and to develop threshold of genetic purity of sunflower seeds on the state level.

Keywords: genetic purity of seeds, sunflower, SSR-markers, morphological traits, international standards.