Polymorphism of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits in Aegilops biuncialis Vis.

  • Н. О. Козуб
  • І. О. Созінов
  • Г. Я. Бідник
  • Н. О. Дем’янова
  • І. Ксиніас
  • Я. Б. Блюм
  • О. О. Созінов


Aims. Polymorphism of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GS) encoded by the Glu-U1, Glu-Mb1 loci was analyzed in Aegilops biuncialis mainly from Crimean populations. Methods. SDS electrophoresis of total seed protein was used to identify alleles at the Glu-U1 and Glu-Mb1 loci. Results. Among the samples studied, 10 alleles at Glu-U1 and 18 at Glu-M1 were identified. Among them 2 alleles expressed only x-type subunit and 5 expressed only y-type subunit. Nei’s gene diversity was 0.683 і 0.723, respectively, for these loci. Predominant alleles and subunits of each type were determined. Conclusions. A high level of polymorphism of HMW-GS in Ae. biuncialis permits using these loci for investigation of the genetic structure of populations, their monitoring and studying dispersal of the species.

Keywords: Aegilops biuncialis, diversity, high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits, alleles.