Effect of transformation on bioactive compounds accumulation in Bidens pilosa and Artemisia tilesii “hairy” root culture

  • Н. А. Матвєєва
  • К. О. Дробот


Aims. Genetic transformation can lead to physiological and biochemical changes in plant cells and, therefore, changes in the synthesis/accumulation of natural compounds and the one can be viewed as a stress factor. Study of the effect of transformation on biologically active compounds accumulation is of special interest because transgenic plants of “hairy” root culture can be used as a source of valuable substances. Evaluation of the effect of genetic transformation on fructan (F), total soluble protein (TSP) accumulation and antioxidant activity (AOA) of A. tilesii and B. pilosa “hairy” root extracts was the aim of the work. Methods. We used A. tilesii and B. pilosa “hairy” root culture constructed by Agrobacterium rhizogenes A4-mediated transformation (vectors with human ifn-α2b and nptII genes). To determine fructans content in the extracts Selivaniv method was used. AOA of extracts was measured by DPPH method. Bradford method was used for TSP determine. Results. In some cases transformation have led to the reduction of TSP and F accumulation in A. tilesii and B. pilosa “hairy” roots. However, TSP and F content in some A. tilesii and B. pilosa “hairy” root lines was higher than in the control. For example, TSР accumulation in root line № 1 was 8.2 ± 0.5 mg/g and this parameter was 1.8 time higher than the one in the roots of control plants. F content in B. pilosa root line was higher than in the control – 15.5 ± 1.44 mg/g and 10.07 ± 1.0 mg/g respectively. A. tilesii and B. pilosa AOA in control roots was 45.7 % and 43.25 % respectively. AOA of extracts of transgenic roots varied from 30.94 to 51.09 % and in some cases it was higher than AOA of extracts from the roots of the control plants. Conclusions. Thus, genetic transformation resulted in changes in TSP, fructan content and AOA activity in Bidens pilosa and Artemisia tilesii “hairy” roots. In several root lines we confirmed increase of AOA, TSP and fructans content.

Keywords: Bidens pilosa L., Artemisia tilesii Ledeb., “hairy” root culture, AOA, fructans, TSP.