Triander – a new program for the visual analysis of the nucleotide sequence

  • В. П. Дуплий
  • С. А. Дуплий


Aims. Our project aimed to work out the interactive software for nucleotide sequence visualization. Methods. The program named as “Triander” was worked out under Free Pascal RAD IDE Lazarus. Source code and compiled for Windows binaries are freely accessible at Results. This program can produce four types of plots. It is possible to build three DNA walks done independently for each nucleotide position in triplets. The usage of not equal in modulus nucleotide vectors lead to significant reduction of visual information loss in DNA walks. Conclusions. The program can be used in the investigation of fine structure of sequences and find in them standard patterns and nontrivial regions for further detail analysis.

Keywords: DNA walk, triander, determinative degree, software.