Spectrum and frequency of numerical chromosomal abnormalities in material of early reproductive loss

  • І. Р. Ткач
  • Н. Л. Гулеюк
  • Н. В. Гельнер
  • Г. М. Безкоровайна
  • А. Вайсе
  • Н. Косякова
  • Т. Лір
  • Т. В. Федишин


Aim. The determination spectrum and freqency of chromosomal abnormalities in samples from early reproductive losses depending on term of gestation. Methods. Banding cytogenetic and interphase mFISH analysis. Results. Cytogenetic and molecular-cytogenetic investigations was perfomed on 218 samples of early reproductive loss. Normal karyotype detected in 148 cases (67.9 %), abnormal karyotype in 75 cases (32.1 %). The highest percentage of chromosomal abnormalities – 37 % – recorded in the material pregnancies lost for 6–10 weeks of gestation. Conclusion. Cytogenetic studies are an important element of determine the cause of early reproductive losses. The frequency and spectrum of genomic and chromosomal abnormalities varies depending on the gestational term of the lost pregnancy.

Keywords: early reproductive loss, chromosome abnormalities, cytogenetics, mFISH.