The dynamic of karyotype ultrastructural aberrations of new human stem cell line 4BL revealed by ARRAY CGH

  • В. О. Кушнірук
  • Г. Р. Акопян
  • Д. О. Микитенко
  • Н. Л. Гулеюк
  • В. Д. Зукін
  • Л. Л. Лукаш


The aim of this research was to conduct the comparative analysis of the karyotype of new human stem cell line 4BL at different stages of cultivation in vitro. Methods. The array CGH Oxford Gene Technology was used. Results. At the 120, 160 and 205 passages such the same aberrations were revealed: duplications of 2q31.1-q33.1, 10 q22.1-q22.2 and q24.2-q26.11, 16 q12.1-q12.2 and q22.1-q24.3, 19 р13.3-р12 and deletions of 4 q24-q35.2, 10 p14-p12.1 and q26.11-q26.3, 12 p13.33-p11.1, 13 q12.11-q21.2, 17 q11.1-q21.31, Х p22.33 and q21.31-q21.32. Also at each passage some minor aberrations appears, which further were removed at the next stage, and so on. Conclusions. Obviously main genome rearrangements occurred until 120th passage, so stem cell line 4BL passed the establishment stage until this time and now is at the stabilization stage.

Keywords: stem cell line, array CGH, karyotypic evolution, deletion/duplication.