Correction of mutagen load caused by action of food flavors using vitamin chemiopreventers

  • І. В. Боднар
  • О. С. Зубко
  • Л. С. Боднар


Aims. Food flavors − a natural or artificially-synthesized substances that enhance the flavor and aroma products, which include components with various chemical nature, which theoretically can produce mutagenic effects. Among the methods for detection of mutations on chromosomal level special place is occupied by test systems on animals. In the action of newsynthesized food flavors “Grapes 82085p”, “Petit Beurre 02974”, “Chocolate 82100p”, “Rafaelo 82129p”, “Aromat 22062” showed the induction of chromosome aberrations in metaphase bone marrow cells of white mice Mus musculus L. Methods. The study was conducted in several versions of experiments: in acute and chronic experiment and with combined action of flavors and substances with antimutagenic properties (vitamins). Results. The spectrum of chromosome aberrations was presented as chromosomal aberrations (deletions) and genomic mutations (aneuploidies and polipoyidies). Conclusions. Simultaneous feeding of mice by flavorings and vitamins A and C showed a reduction in mutagenic activity for doses of flavor that corresponds to the recommended daily − to the level of control, for dose, increased in 10 times of the recommended − in the range of 40–50 %.

Keywords: chromosome aberrations, food flavorings, mutagenic activity, antimutagens.