Izatison and nanosilver are able to induce the changes in growth and productivity of oat plant cultivar nezlamny persisting in the next generations

  • В. А. Кацан
  • Л. Н. Юркевич
  • А. І. Потопальський


Aims. The aim of this study is the investigations of the influence of the preparations Izatizone (Iz), Izatitony (It; Iz+etony) and the nanosilver SS1000 preparation (S) on the growth of oat cultivar Nezlamny and on the elements of its grain productivity over three generations. Methods. Iz and It preparations were designed in our laboratory; S was designed in Institute for Superhard materials V.M. Bakul NAS of Ukraine and was kindly given to us. The oat seeds were treated by the water suspensions of the preparations and the solvents DMSO (D) and PEG400 (P), to be the constituents of Iz, at the concentrations selected in previous experiments. The plants were grown on the little plots of land; the plant growth intensity was estimated by the stem length at the booting; the analysis of the productivity elements (the primary panicle length, L; the grains number in the primary panicle, G; the grains weight from the primary panicle, W; the weight of 1000 grains, W1000) was performed after gather in the harvest over 3 generations after treatment. Results.The stimulating effect of S on the plant growth at the booting was revealed in the first plant generation; such effect enhanced, when S was used in the complex with Iz. The positive effect of Iz, It and S on the panicles growth and development was observed. The crop yield per panicles increased, when Iz, It and S were used, caused by the increase of G. In the second generation the increment persisted of G in the variants Iz, It and S and of W – in the variants Iz and P+S, and the increase exhibited of W1000 in the majority variants of experiment. The positive changes of oat productivity were persisting in the third generation also, and the most stable maintenance of L, G and W increase over 3 generations was observed for Iz. Conclusions. Izatison and nanosilver preparations, used under specified experimental conditions, are able to induce the oat growth promoting and its grain productivity improvement, persisting in the next generations.

Keywords: Izatison, nanosilver, oat, growth, analysis of productivity elements.