Problem of plant resistance to herbicides: genetic and metabolic aspects

  • Ж. З. Гуральчук
  • Є. Ю. Мордерер


Aims. The plant resistance to herbicides is a big problem of modern agriculture. Thus, knowledge of the mechanisms of resistance to herbicides is very important due to the emergence of a large number of herbicide-resistant weeds. Results. Analysis of the literature data shows a significant contribution of gene mutations to the evolution of resistance. Metabolic processes are important too, due to enhanced metabolic capacity to detoxify herbicides. Conclusions. Some progress in understanding the mechanisms of plant resistance to herbicides achieved, but further studies of phytopathogenesis of herbicides and processes that occur at the molecular genetic and metabolic levels and are involved in the formation of plant resistance to herbicides are needed.

Keywords: herbicide, resistance, target-site resistance, non-target-site resistance.