Genotoxic effects of some pesticides in tests of Drosophilа melanogaster

  • С. В. Білоконь


Aims. We studied the genotoxic effect of acaricides and fungicides in tests of Drosophila melanogaster. Methods. The object of the study was to analyze the effect of fungicides "Flint Star", "Previkur Energy" and acaricides "Sanmayt" and "Omayt" on fecundity and longevity of Drosophila. Mutagenic effects of fungicides were determined according to Muller-5 (Basc) method. Results. fecundity of C-S line flies was significantly less than the control, both by the number of pupae and the number of adults in case adding drugs. The reduction of life expectancy of flies in the experiment, by adding to the feeding of flies drugs "Sanmayt" and "Flint Star" was marked. By using Muller-5 (Basc) method, the mutagenic effect of fungicides "Previkur Energy" and "Flint Star" was established. Conclusions. The genotoxic activity of pesticides in the studied drugs on the basis of fertility and life expectancy of flies was found. By using Muller-5 (Basc) method the mutagenic effect of fungicides "Previkur Energy" and "Flint Star" was set.

Keywords: pesticides, mutagenicity, genotoxicity, fecundity, Drosophila melanogaster.