Influence of xenogeneic mesenchymal stem cells transplantation on atrophic rhinitis in mice

  • О. Г. Дерябіна
  • Н. С. Шувалова
  • М. В. Ковальчук
  • Ю. В. Мінін
  • О. М. Дерябін
  • В. А. Кордюм


Aims. Studying of xenogeneic MSC efficacy in treatment of atrophic rhinitis in mice and detection of human DNA in recipient different organs. Methods. Molecular biology and cell biology methods, animal model obtaining. Results. Intravenous injection of human MSC into model mice showed positive effect on clinical state of experimental animals. Human DNA can be detected by PCR during one day in lungs of mice received treatment. Conclusions. Model of atrophic rhinitis was obtained by intranasal inoculation of mice with Pasteurella multocida. Clinical studies confirmed positive effect of human MSC on general state of experimental animals. Donor human DNA was detected in lungs of mice during 1 day.

Keywords: atrophic rhinitis, MSC, PCR.