Application of SNP-analysis for the characterization of genetic structure of breeding material in maize and sorghum

  • В. Ю. Черчель
  • Т. М. Сатарова
  • В. В. Борисова
  • О. Є. Абраімова
  • М. М. Федько
  • Я. В. Степневська


Aims. The determination of the contribution of precursor populations into the genetic structure of modern inbreds accoding to the results of DNA single nucleotide polymorphism analysis. Methods. SNP-genotyping of 5 maize inbreds with GoldenGate test, Illumina VeraCode, Sentrix array matrice, BDI-III-pannel of 384 SNP-markers, computer analysis by STRUCTURE software. Results. A share of precursor pedigree genomes into genomes of modern maize inbreds DK2/427, DK272, DK296, DK231 and DK236 on SNP-markers has been determined. Conclusions. SNP-genotyping permits to control the direction of alterations and ratios of genetic material of different origion and has been recommended to the application in selection of related species in Gramineae, maize and sorghum.

Key words: SNP-markers, genetic distance, breeding material, maize, sorghum.