The nucleus-nucleolus variation in seed progeny of Pinus sylvestris L. var. cretacea Kalenicz. ex Kom. among seed yield of different years from “Melovaya flora” natural reserve

  • И. И. Коршиков
  • Я. Г. Мильчевская
  • Ю. А. Ткачева
  • Е. В. Лаптева


Aims. Analysis of nuclear organizer activity in seed progeny of one and the same plant group in different years within a natural population of Pinus sylvestris L. var. cretacea Kalenicz. ex Kom. Methods. Nucleoli staining with AgNO3 in interphase cells of seedlings. Results. Differences in cell areas were 1.5 times, in mean nuclear area per cell were 1.9 times in seed progeny of same age plants from the locality of “Melovaya flora” reserve natural population. Conclusion. Certain instability of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of nucleoli and nucleus-nucleolus ratio is observed in seed yield of P. sylvestris var. cretacea, sampled in two successive years.

Key words: nucleolus, seedlings.