The comparative effectiveness of two electrophoresis procedures of barley hordeins for detection of brewing variants

  • М. О. Дикун
  • Л. В. Сірант
  • В. М. Починок
  • Г. В. Завальна


Aims. It is known a lot of methods of the monitoring the genotypes peculiar fealures. The protein spectrum is often used as hybrid index in scientific selection procedures and in the practical experience. With the help of the electrophoresis the possibility to detect the dictinct object appears. But there are various types of electrophoresis. So it is necessary to choose the most adequate among them. The effectiveness of two types of electrophoresis (Brzezinski vs. Poperelya) for the barley hordeins analysis was invesligated. Methods. The original electrophoretic procedures were created. Hordeins were extracted from individual grain of several variants of brewing barley. Results. The hordein spectra were obtained after both procedures. There were no differences between electrophoregrams. Three protein zones were marked on each electrophoregram. But the brewing electrophoresis is less expensive. Conclusion. Electrophoresis of proteins is an effective method of laboratory quality control of barely grain.

Key words: hordeins, electrophoresis.