Effect of medium gelatinized component on the efficiency of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) haploid production in anther culture in vitro

  • О. В. Білинська
  • П. Г. Дульнєв


Aims. Nutrient media for plant cell, tissue and organ culture include numerous substances of different chemical nature and biological activity. Among them gelatinized component of solid media presented as a rule by agar isn’t considered to be the most decisive factor of morphogenesis in vitro promotion. However, it was demonstrated very interesting effect of starch solidified media to stimulate a direct embryoidogenesis and improve plant regeneration in barley anther culture in vitro. Investigations aimed to evaluate the efficiency of agar substitution for new preparation of chemically modified starch D-5aM in medium for spring barley haploid production in anther culture in vitro. Methods. Plants were grown under field conditions. Anthers were isolated from spikes of F1 hybrids of five combinations and two model genotypes. Inductive media were differed by gelling component. Control contained agar, two experimental variants included chemically modified starch D-5aM at two concentrations. Results. There has been conformed positive effect of agar substitution for less costly chemically modified starch on direct embryo formation and regeneration efficiency. It was revealed that lower concentration of starch decrease regeneration frequency in high responsive genotype and at the same time increased that one in cultivar possessing low androgenic capacity. Conclusions. Obtained data indicate advantage of chemically modified starch in comparison with agar. Perspective preparation D-5aM is recommended for application in plant biotechnology.

Key words: Hordeum vulgare L., barley, anther culture in vitro, nutrient media, agar, chemically modified starch, morphogenesis.