Селекція льону-довгунця: історичні аспекти розвитку

  • М. І. Логінов
  • М. Г. Росновський
  • А. М. Логінов


Aims. Works on long fiber flax selecting which were begun in 1908 had a range of drawbacks: material estimating was conducted according to the indirect characteristics. Methods. Afterwards the selected material was estimated according to plants fastness to lodging, fiber quality, and perseverance to diseases. Results. As the result of the work done there was selected new sorts of highly productive and fiber qualitative long fiber flax. Conclusions. It’s necessary to improve the theoretical basis of long fiber flax selection, enrich and study the world collection far and wide, find out specimens with high combination ability for being used in the selection process.

Key words: lonf fiber flax: the history of selection.