Structural chromosome rearrangements in the microevolution

  • Е. С. Левенкова


Aims. The study aims at clarifying the evolutionary role of chromosomal rearrangements. Methods. The results of long-term cytogenetic studies of rodents Phodopus, Mus, Ruttus, Alexandromys, Sorex, including the electron microscopic analysis of synaptonemal complexes (SC), are presented. Results. We have analyzed causes of male sterility of hamsters, mice, voles interspecific hybrids. Non-homologous synapsis permits formihg stable SC structure and provides further proceeding of meiosis. Probably, this process is under gene control. Conclusions. We caution against the direct transfer of the conclusions drawn in the study of species-specific chromosomal rearrangements, on the model of macroevolution.

Key words: speciation, polymorphism, interspecific hybrids, synaptonemal complex.