Факторы дифференциации популяций Sorex araneus (Mammalia) в междуречье Днепра и Припяти (Беларусь)

  • И. А. Крищук
  • Е. В. Черепанова
  • Е. С. Гайдученко
  • С. В. Задыра
  • Е. С. Левенкова
  • Ю. К. Демура
  • Ю. М. Борисов


Aims. To clarify the origin of unusual polymorphism in metacentric and acrocentric number revealed in Sorex araneus populations between the Dnieper and Pripyat rivers we carried out the study of the distribution of diagnostic metacentrics. Methods. Cytogenetic analysis. Results. Frequencies of diagnostic metacentrics of three races, Kiev, Biaіowieїa and Neroosa, in studied populations revealed a clinal variability. Karyotyped derivative of these race were observed in polymorphic populations, such populations were defined as new races. Conclusions. Climatic changes in postglacial period caused the migration of the metacentric races thus leading to the spread of metacentrics across the area of the acrocentric race.

Key words: Sorex araneus, chromosomal polymorphism.